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Where It All Started

Along with a dream in mind and a twinkle in their eyes, our founders embarked on an adventure since 2005. Never looking back, they found a way along their journey to meld diversified elements with cross-culture appeals; turning their dream, Deep Furniture, into a reality.

With the support from Wild Industries, our backbone company, we soon became a Malaysian-Taiwanese based manufacturer and exporter. While being actively engaged in numerous products from multiple lines, we stay true to our commitment to unite tradition and modernity. Looking at our dedication to design, it is a no wonder we are constantly searching for inspirations.

You see, we believe this eclectic mix of creativity, passion, and dedication, is the best way to express our excellence. So you can know we will always be very driven by this mantra to foster and make perfect everyone’s everyday life. And it’s only fitting that each of our one-of-a-kind piece carries a heartwarming tale of the relationship we want to create with the people.

And you know we’re definitely enjoying every second of this journey.

Where It Comes To Life

With a pocketful of wisdom and experiences, we travel the globe with one purpose in mind. To be the very best in what we do; helping our partners achieve all-round success and to be the strongest in the mail order market in Malaysia.

When Perspiration
Meets Inspiration

We believe hard work isn’t the only key to success. While we toil in our blood and sweat to make Deep Furniture a success, the people we work with make our journey all the more rewarding.

Our Dedicated Belief System

While our customers are always the center of all that we do, we keep our people close to our heart, too. With the level of dedication and passion shown, we are constantly assured our brand will always be brought to life. With that, the world could, and would experience our every piece that is specially crafted by the people who share our beliefs.

“Creativity is intelligence having fun.” – Albert Einstein

More Than Just
Aspiring To Inspire

And we go one step further to put our creativity to good use. Yes, everyone aspires to inspire but we want to be more than just that. We want to set new benchmarks and expectations where we place fun in functionality in every home. But that doesn’t mean we lose sight in delivering quality products while we’re having too much fun establishing new standards.