Where It Comes To Life

Our eye for quality, detail, and cultural refinement in our timeless-design furniture make it all the better to call a house home.

Comfort Through Nature

In our solid wood furniture, we make full use of the wood’s organic textures, lines and forms to bring art and timeless design into homes.

Comfort Through Nature

We are always driven by our mantra to foster and make perfect everyone’s everyday life.

Solid Wood Furniture Manufacturer & Exporter In Malaysia

We are your trusted furniture manufacturer in Muar, Malaysia. Globally acclaimed for our exquisite solid wood furniture, with space-maximizing minimalist designs. As sustainable furniture artisans, we craft multifunctional pieces for diverse markets. From Scandinavian-inspired to restaurant and pet furniture, our rubber wood furniture collections excel. Elevate your living spaces with Deep.Furniture today!

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Where Our Heart Beats

With a pocketful of wisdom and experiences, we travel the globe with one purpose in mind. We strive to be the very best at what we do, helping our partners achieve all-round success and being the strongest in the mail order market in Malaysia.

What Makes Us Different

The New Fusion

We combine heritage and structure in our diverse furniture collections with decades of experience. Over the years, the name Deep Furniture has grown to be a household lifestyle brand with successful collaborations with acclaimed international designers.

Natural Sustainable Aesthetics

Our design principle celebrates the organic beauty of wood, infusing rich history and life into each product. Every piece tells a timeless story, while our collaboration with nature promotes human wellness.


Driven by a passion for design across time, our inspirations have always emanated from people. With a minimalist focus, we bring imagination to life through simple, elegant, trend-setting designs.

Human Nature

Our modular solutions enable personalized living spaces with ease. From vibrant hues to functional designs, even compact areas can be tailored to fit individual lifestyles.

Featured Products

Since 2005, driven by a dream, our founders fused diverse elements to bring Deep Furniture to life. Inspired by nature’s coexistence, our story continues – let us coexist. Discover our solid rubberwood furniture in Malaysia.

Multifunctional Furniture
Minimalist Furniture

Our Upcoming & Past Events

Join us at the latest solid wood furniture exhibition! Discover innovative, space-saving furniture designs at the latest exhibition, featuring our minimalist, multifunctional, and sustainable rubber wood furniture.

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Our Blog

Dive into our blog for valuable insights on wooden furniture, covering everything from design inspirations to maintenance tips for solid wood pieces like tables and chairs.

Furniture FAQ

Is it worth buying solid wood furniture in Malaysia?

Yes, buying solid wood furniture in Malaysia is worth it. Solid wood furniture offers durability, timeless elegance, and excellent value for money. It can withstand daily wear and tear, making it a long-term investment. Additionally, solid wood furniture can be refinished or repaired, extending its lifespan. Its natural aesthetic and quality craftsmanship also enhance the beauty of any living space. For those seeking sustainable and enduring furnishings, solid wood furniture is an excellent choice.


Minimalist furniture design focuses on simplicity, functionality, and clean lines, eliminating unnecessary elements. It emphasizes a “less is more” approach, using neutral colors, sleek shapes, and high-quality materials to create a sense of space and calm. This style is characterized by its uncluttered look, often incorporating multifunctional pieces to maximize utility while maintaining aesthetic appeal.

Minimalist furniture in Malaysia is perfect for creating a modern, soothing, and serene living environment.

Sustainable furniture refers to pieces designed and manufactured with minimal environmental impact. It utilizes eco-friendly materials, such as reclaimed wood or recycled metal, and adheres to sustainable practices throughout the production process. Sustainable furniture aims to reduce waste, promote resource conservation, and often incorporates long-lasting, durable designs to decrease the need for frequent replacements.

By choosing sustainable furniture, consumers support environmentally responsible practices and contribute to a healthier planet. Read more here.

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