Marketing & Distribution

Global Export & Distributes

We ensure all our products are easily reachable via departmental stores, chain stores, and Internet retailers.  Market covers Japan, Spain, Germany, Korea, Denmark, UAE, USA and more than 37 countries.

The DIY and CIY Way of Life

These new methods of Do-It-Yourself and Create-It-Yourself enable our customers to experience unlimited possibilities through self-assembly and painting. This way, they could truly relish feeling comfortable at home.

One Concept Covers All Space

Explore our diverse selection of over 450 items and models, with new products on the way for mix-loading. Encourage complete collection purchases over individual items, and enjoy versatile options for both online and retail selling.

Mix-Load Program

Our products are cleverly designed for flat-packing, resulting in cost savings for shipping and in-land warehousing. This efficiency allows us to reach our customers promptly, as we can fit around 40 products types in a single shipping container. Furthermore, we have patented our designs to ensure exclusivity and protect against market duplication.

To enhance customer experience, we prioritize individuality. Each product is accompanied by a Repair Kit, providing simplicity and convenience. Our reliable and high-quality kit is always available for your service, allowing you to use it whenever needed.